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K3CUJ -- Columbia, MD

All licensed hams are invited to participate in the weekly Howard County ARES/RACES VHF net runs every Sunday at 8pm! These directed nets begin with check-ins by phone, and many conclude with testing digital modes. It's a great opportunity to practice your skills and test your equipment.

This article about Maryland ARES activation in response to extensive regional flash flooding in May 2018  is a great example of how amateur radio operators serve the community in times of emergency or natural disaster.

About ARES

The Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) is sponsored by the Amateur Radio Relay League (ARRL) and consists of licensed amateurs who have voluntarily registered their qualifications and equipment with their local ARES leadership for communications duty in the public service during disasters or scheduled events. Every licensed amateur, regardless of membership in ARRL or any other local or national organization is eligible to apply for membership in ARES. The possession of emergency-powered equipment is desirable, but is not a requirement for membership.


Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES) is a radio service using amateur stations for civil defense communications during periods of local, regional, or national civil emergencies. (Source: Code of Federal Regulations, 47 CFR 97.3(a)(38)).

During an emergency, RACES is operated under the direct control of the Howard County Office of Emergency Management, as authorized by the FCC, FEMA and the Maryland Department of Emergency Management.

Training may be required or desired to participate fully.
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